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About Geyser Also Known As Riad Michael

Geyser is an alias name of composer and producer Riad Michael under which he has released five studio albums to critical acclaim.

The debut album Digger has been released in two versions in 2000 and 2001 containing various explorations of the downtempo style.

The second album Atmosphere has been published in 2005 and connects to the chill out electronica of the first album being supplemented by very own interpretations of trance and house music.

Concrete, the third album also released in 2005 is mainly based on live recorded improvisations featuring the singer Leah being very personal and having an experimental touch.

After the downtempo EP Decision released in 2007 the fourth album Clean Sweep has followed in 2009 reconnecting to the albums Digger and Atmosphere.

In 2011 the diverse and last Geyser album Fifth has been published adding several uptempo works to the oevre which is complemented by several exclusive compilation tracks.

In 2007 Riad Michael has begun to also release his work under his own name in order to establish an even more unique musical identity. For further information please visit:

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