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About Geyser Also Known As Riad Michael

Geyser is an alias of Riad Michael under which he combines elements of hip hop, funk, ambient and other genres creating an original style of electronica.

Riad released his first Geyser album Digger as promotional version in 2000 calling the attention of the Colonian label Mehrwert Records who published the album newly in 2001 with critical acclaim.

In 2005 Riad founded his own label Geyser Recordings and released two albums in the same year: the album Concrete being mainly based on recorded improvisations featuring the singer Leah and the earlier prepared album Atmosphere also featuring several guest musicians.

In 2009 the fourth album Clean Sweep followed continuing Geyser's casual and dreamful approach leading to the two years later released last Geyser album so far Fifth supplementing the oeuvre with a remarkable diversity.

In 2007 Riad began to also record under his own name slowly establishing another musical identity. For more information please visit:

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